Why i love gmail

I love my gmail account. Not because i don’t know how to set up or update any one of the various off line mail clients out there, no. I love my gmail because – first and foremost it is all online and i can check up anything i want whenever i want.

I am not stuck to saying “oh, hang on… i will have to check that for you and get back to you when i have had a chance to check my mail.” no, all i have to do is ask you to give me five minutes and i will get back to you. Then switch on opera on my phone and dig into gmail to find whatever info i need to find for you.

Please do not take this to be a bashing of offline clients… they are important back ups… and when something happens to your account, and something will… you have copies of everything.

There is another great strength in gmail for me; i can check for new mail easily without too much fuss… if i am having my mail delivered offline i have to wait to check it, deal with the unpleasant interfaces provided for web mail.

Now the absolute clincher for me [and it is not all the calendar, online editors for documents and that stuff those are great but not the clincher], is the fact that so much thought is constantly going into gmail…

something i discovered just yesterday was that if your search in your own in box yields nothing, gmail offers suggestions for something close that it has found al la screenshot provided.

Long live gmail and the folks who don’t stop thinking about it and keep innovating.