Why Amazon should make a phone.

Amazon should admit they made a very good product and attack apple while they are at it… The original Kindle could last upto a month with daily usage. Can you imagine what that would turn into if it was a phone?

They have a screen that is not juice hungry and that can be used in direct sunlight with no quality loss. This alone would be of great interest to me. Next the novelty of a smart phone that is black and white would be very interesting for business people and would present app developers with an interesting challenge with regards to making involving apps that worked off a black and white screen.

The main reason this would appeal to me is that I am android fan and love my phone syncing with my gmail account, I love kindle books and love the accessories people have developed for them. I love the crazy battery life the devices have and wonder if this could all be rolled up into a tidy power pack that I could call people on as well.

To be perfectly honest I think the biggest virtue this device would have would be the price. Apple, HTC and Samsung devices are now becoming ridiculously expensive, they are more toy than function anyway and to be honest I don’t do much on my android phone beyond check mail and call folks.

The main reason we have the big 4 – 5 inch screens is we love the size. We love the way the devices fit in our pockets but still give us big screens to see our emails and text messages on.

So, here is my point, turn the kindle into a phone! Give us a nice 4.5inch “Patented built-in light evenly illuminated screen” with 63% more pixels.