What search engine optimisation means to you as a website design customer

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is serious business, it makes the difference between  your website design being seen by folks or not being seen by folks. I hear you say “but they will get the website i have had designed from my name or my business card!” There is a great deal of truth to that, but what if they forgot you? What if they have never heard of you? And somehow they have this massive job and are looking for you or even someone like you on a website like google but don’t know how to find you?

In this article i will help you with the basics of SEO for your website design, the details leave to to your website designers and developers. In fact, let me just list out a number of things you should make sure your developers do: 1. ensure you have a good title tag; 2. ensure you have a good description tag; 3. ensure there are no tables in your design; 4. ensure there is minimal use of flash on your website; and 5. ensure all images have an alt description tag filled. AND ENSURE THIS IS DONE FOR EVERY PAGE.

Those are technical things and those generally you just need to make sure your website designer has done. Now to the things you can do to really make the process of website design worthwhile, I would break them down into three things, 1. keep the website fresh; 2. make sure there is enough content volume on the website to justify a high rank position; and 3. make sure the content is themed throughout your website design. What does this mean and how it is done?

1. Keeping the website design fresh
To do this frankly all you need to do is put new content regularly on your website. When i say regularly i say at best every day or so and at worst every two weeks. How is this done, if you have website designed by aksent, you will have a php news module on your website.

The aksent php news module allows you as a website owner to regularly update your website design without much technical knowledge, we create a system through which you update you news on your website design your self.

2. Website content volume justifies position
Website content volume is essentially judged by the length of time you can spend talking about a given subject, the more specific a subject the better your rankings will be. The idea is this: if your information is original, accurate and good you will naturally or organically end up with people linking to your page, in other words quoting you. The more people quote your website design the better respected your website gets. So, keep adding good volumes of content to your website, we would say you try for about 500 words per entry.

3. Make sure the content is themed throughout your website design
Themed content is pretty straight forward, keep your website about one topic –  this means that if your website is new and it is about hardware in kenya, don’t talk about your safari last week, that ruins the theming on your website. If the website is small especially – less than 200 pages, this truly negatively affects your search rankings, so stick to your topic, if you want to bring up your safari, you better mention the hardware used in the buildings and safari vehicles you show photos of, and you can then stick the occasional lion in there.