What iTunes needs

Its pretty obvious that as one works they listen to music, but after years and years of being a designer i have somehow come to have a massive music collection – i am sure this is not a situation unique to designers.

I am certain all of you reading this now have at least a couple of thousand songs on your iTunes, collected over years of unwise use of your credit card on the iTunes shop and the import button on your iTunes.

I think iTunes needs a regular report that tells you you have the following files as duplicates – delete one copy?

Another feature i am convinced iTunes needs is a feature that finds songs never played and rondomises play of these, or more controls to the itunes deejay – that lets you not play some categories of music and etc.

Anyway – just miscellaneous ramblings that i feel i need to get out because i can’t work while they burden my mind – lol, back to work now i guess.