President’s Standard

We took on the project of redesigning the President’s Standard – a flag raised when the President is in the vicinity.

The previous standards we have had in Kenya look like this:

Mzee standard 1

President Kenyatta’s Standard from 1963 to 1970.

Mzee standard 2

President Kenyatta then had his Standard redesigned to look like the above, this stayed with him until his death in 1978.


President Moi had the above standard from 1978 to 2002.


President Kibaki followed with the above until 2013.


The current standard looks like the above.

The president has too much content on his flag, the acknowledgement and respect due his father in the use of so many similar elements is noted, but, this can be done a fresh way, a way that reflects the spirit of his “digital” nation and its aspirations.

We developed the following motto and used it as the basis to develop President Uhuru’s new Standard: With a solid foundation, any dream can be realised.

The simple motto covers a lot, it acknowledges Mzee Kenyatta’s huge role in President Uhuru’s and indeed Kenya’s past. It also, however, embraces the dreams of Kenyans who everyday wake up to chase their dreams.

The Standard we developed owns this history in a unique yet clear manner while acknowledging the President’s new role as the custodian of the dreams of Kenyans through the use of the symbol Kenyans used to show who they charged custodian of these dreams, the TNA dove.

The whisk represents President Uhuru’s lineage and his raising. The dove peeking from behind the whisk represents the President’s journey from under his father’s shadow to create his own vision for his future and that for Kenya.