Ol Kupelia Logo

Ol Kupelia is a Kenyan-owned Mara Lodge that seeks to immerse you in a real African adventure and have you experience the true feeling being in the wild. It is nestled among trees overlooking a waterhole and is a luxury Maasai-style tented lodge with magnificent views across the famed Kenyan savannah of the Masai Mara.

Ol Kupelia asked us to design a logo that reflected this private serenity, this African aesthetic that made the Ol Kupelia memorable.

We design the Ol Kupelia logo around three key elements, the first two design elements for the logo were the letters O and K from the initials of the lodge’s name. We also sought a truly African symbol that combined with the first two, would give us a beautiful yet tasteful result.

We ensured the symbol is balanced and well designed so that all the elements from our final inspiration palette were clearly visible, but, in the end worked together so that all three elements, though present, made one beautiful logo design.

Ol Kupelia-02

The client came to our Nairobi office and from there selected this design:

Ol Kupelia-03

At this point we went developed a color palette for Ol Kupelia’s logo design and general branding work in future:

Ol Kupelia-04

Ol Kupelia-05

Ol Kupelia-06

Ol Kupelia-07

If you want to check out their website, which we also developed for them a while back (with their old branding work) you can go straight to it here.

Thanks for checking this out!