Masaku Sevens logo

All the commentary on the Masaku Sevens made us casually look into it and see what went right and what went wrong.

The hypothesis was that it was a rugby tourney and there would be a big party afterwards. The event was sponsored by Tusker. There was to be two tonnes of free nyama choma. All were welcome.

What happened seems to us to be the following: The event was way over subscribed and too many people headed to Machakos, too many showed up. Most were headed to Machakos for the after party and not the actual rugby. A few people decided to cut loose which offended many people, including John Mututho who threatened to cancel the event.

Clearly Masaku Sevens needs a lot of polishing, but, plenty of Kenyans want to be involved and be part of it – the organisers will need to improve a lot…

For us though, the biggest most important thing that needs to be improved is the actual event branding. The event’s logo is the following:


Clearly the event relies heavily on sponsors so the logo fails on many levels, ranging from brandability to simplicity.

We spent a little while coming up with something simple that can work on uniforms and can work very well with sponsor brands as well.

Have a look:

Masaku Sevens Logo 1-01

With sponsor logos:

Masaku Sevens Logo 1-02

Masaku Sevens Logo 1-03

Masaku Sevens Logo 1-04

Masaku Sevens Logo 1-05


Compared to the old logo:

Masaku Sevens Logo 1-06

Thanks for reading.

By Job Ballard