Howard Saunders website design

Howard Saunders, a Kenya-based professional safari guide, came to AKSENT with a brief to design a laid back, detailed and engaging Safari company website design, that could be updated. The business is a Kenya-based safari company with a focus on delivering once-in-a-lifetime experiences to its customers.

Howard first set foot in Africa at the age of 17, on a family safari. He was smitten with the wildlife, landscapes, and people, and after finishing university he returned to Kenya to become a professional guide. Howard has been guiding since 1994, originally leading adventurous trips that circumnavigated Lake Victoria through Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has been a partner at The Original Ker & Downey Safaris since 2001.

He needed his website to reflect this intimate knowledge he has of Africa, he wanted a website that showed how he lived, his values and his family so that his customers could quickly decide if they liked who he was and if they would like to be guided by him.

See the website below, but also feel free to visit Howard’s site here.

Howard Saunders Safaris - Welcome to the website of Howard Saunders, professional safari guide.

The site clearly shows Howard’s logo and the logo of the Kenyan company he is affiliated to while it offers you links to access various parts of his site at the top. There is a big slider that gives you a taste of what it is like to go on safari with Howard and what you will see should choose to visit Kenya guided by him.

The website quickly offers you the four main things any safari visitor would want to know, who Howard is, what he offers, his engagement in conservation and the destinations he can take you to.

The site then offers you a taste from his personal writings in his blog as well as useful links to a potential safari company customer. At the bottom there is an introduction to what the experience might be like as well as snippets to his social media presence and engagements and a testimonial from a happy safari customer.

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