Howard Saunders logo design

Howard Saunders, a Kenya-based professional safari guide, came to AKSENT with a brief to design a Safari Company Logo Design for his company, Howard Saunders Safaris, based in Nairobi.

The leopard’s success in the wild is due to its patient hunting behavior, its adaptability to habitats, its ability to run at speeds approaching 58 kilometres per hour (36 mph), its unequaled ability to climb trees even when carrying a heavy carcass, and its notorious ability for stealth. The leopard consumes virtually any animal that it can hunt down and catch. Its habitat ranges from rainforest to desert terrains.

The versatility of this animal was the basis for its use in Howard’s logo which shows his ability to give you the trip of a lifetime be it in the dense and wet rainforests of the Congo, peaks of Mount KEnya or the dry savannahs of Tanzania.




We also designed Howard’s Website, more on that here.