Mothball with a hint of mint

Ever wondered how moth balls taste?

Taste and smell are separate senses with their own receptor organs, yet they are intimately entwined. Tastants, chemicals in foods, are detected by taste buds, which consist of special sensory cells. When stimulated, these cells send signals to specific areas of the brain, which make us conscious of the perception of taste.

Because of this, we have often been able to perceive the taste of a lot of things that we have never tasted – because they are poisonous, unpalatable or probably because we are highly allergic to them.

This is why I had such a light bulb moment couple of chews into this gum. I tend to be the opposite of adventurous with chewing gum. I have about 4 flavors I buy depending on my mood – this day, I thought huh! Try something new… be brave. This venture led me to the first non poisoning encounter of the flavor of a moth ball. I have told the tale.