Importance of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) in Selling Your Property

CGI in real estate means the production of Computer Generated Images of a property for the presentation to potential clients before its completion.

It is the application of Computer Graphics to show interior architecture, design details, lighting, atmosphere and even the property within the environment, the gardens, garage, pool and more.

Floor plans are also brought to life using renders.

Below are but a few reasons of how Computer Generated Imagery works in your favor in the sale of your property.
Firstly, Computer Generated Imagery helps in visualizing technical concepts that would be difficult to illustrate in any other way.

This gives clients the opportunity to visualize living in that particular home.

Secondly, it is a useful way to create very high quality photo-realistic illustration.
Architectural visualizations give a professional, sharp and artistic edge to any real estate commercial presentation.

Thirdly, it is inexpensive and allows a single artist to produce content without the hiring of extras for crowd scenes, expensive set pieces or props.

Fourthly, Computer Generated Imagery’s visual effects are more controllable than other more physically based processes such as constructing miniatures for effect shots because it allows the creation of images that would not be feasible using any other technology.

Lastly, unlike hand-drawn animations, Computer Generated Imagery is time efficient and believable.

With Computer Generated Imagery there is the ability to go in and out of scenes and move images or objects not wanted without distorting the background or surrounding images.

All these make CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) really important while selling property for it gives clients the possibility to consider details such as dimensions and interior design options.

Thereby you get to present to your clients with exactly what they are to receive way before the completion of the project.

– Wamuyu Kariuki