How to website design

At AKSENT, we believe that every item of collateral must have a purpose and in order to achieve this purpose, we have developed processes that enable a client to come up with a plan for the web design process from start to finish.

Because of its structured nature, our process is not always received well by clients despite the fact that it is designed to ensure the client gets the website they require within the specified time frame. Some find it tedious and unlike the off-the-cuff nature they expect of design projects.

  • Client contacts us mainly asking for a costing
  • AKSENT responds with a request for a list of requirements or a general brief, we go over this and if it is clear, we prepare a draft costing. If it is not clear we ask for specific clarifications or for the client to come in for a meeting. Based on the meeting we send the client an initial estimate. Here, we are very clear that it’s subject to change.
  • The client pays a commitment fee and we initiate the process by sending them our brief structure to fill in. Once they send it back, we review it and conduct a needs analysis with the client to narrow down the specifics of what they need and why.
  • We then draw up a scope and deliverables document and the client’s signs off on it.
  • We are now ready to commence. Finalize on the website structure phase and move onto the design phase.
  • All these various phases developed for the design and development of the website are crucial in establishing grounds for the project, planning for the undertaking, implementation and maintenance of the project. Without them, there is no project, it is reduced to a whimsical activity bound to waste resources of the client and the developer.