How a PR / Marketing consultant can work for you

Having worked in various design agencies over the years, I have observed that the simplest projects are those that are brought by a consultant. These consultants are usually either hired to oversee the spending of funds by donors or as brand experts or even purely to oversee the design process for technical companies who have none to spare to oversee their branding process.

These consultants usually have heard it all from their various clients in their various fields, from ‘too plain’, too busy, too white, too bright, format is too large to too small… name it, they have heard it!

They therefore approach the design brief with as much specificity as they can muster based on the information they taken from the client committee either based on their last designer or on what their competitors are doing.

Suffice it to say, most of the ones I have worked with are very clear about what their clients’ wants without being rigid or overly directive in supervision. I think that they, like us, swear to NEVER be like their finicky clients and that effort makes a world of difference.

Our client here was AgMark represented by Tara Dooley, the consultant, and she was by far the best I have ever worked with, patient, polite, as complete an opposite of unreasonable as can be :).

The result was a Company profile we enjoyed working on despite the rigid brand rules on what could and couldn’t be done.

Check out the resulting profile here and the resulting website here.

– Thithi Kinyanjui