Creating a captivating about us page

Compelling content on your website is integral to the success of your visitor conversion and ranking on Google. It makes your online presence relevant to your clients and is your best marketing tool.

  1. Show some emotion for your Industry/market

    Stiff, boring and overly corporate speak may be good for proposals but your website needs more than that to truly engage with your visitors. Ask yourselves some questions to help you ‘loosen up’:

  • If your company were a person, who would it be?
  • What are your proudest moments as a Company? Can you capture those in well written copy?
  • What words relating to your business keep popping up with clients, suppliers and/or sales people?

2. Who are you really?

Like Humans, every brand is unique and has its own special traits and quirks – tell these in a differentiating manner that helps visitors decide to go with your brand as opposed to your competitors. Information from demographic surveys will help you speak in the language of your clientele.

  1. Your brand must tell a story

Have stories about your brand that humanize your brand and make it easier for people to relate to. Identify your key unique strengths and collect stories about your brand that bring out those strengths. Providing context and meaning to your Brand story improves your visitor’s ability to connect with it and share it with others in their networks.

Helpful tip:
Conduct the following exercise: Discuss “15 Interesting Things About Our Company.” Circulate an online questionnaire for everyone to fill and incentivize it with something interesting.

Use the interesting feedback you receive and insert them into your about us page. Or use the entire list as a link or tab from your about us page.