Corporate gift giving in Kenya, a seasonal trend

In order to remain competitive in the marketplace and recognize employees, clients and vendors, gift giving is a great way to build strong and lasting business relationships, foster trust and loyalty and for staying ‘top-of-mind’ with your clients. It’s your company’s way of showing its clients and partners that you truly appreciate them in a genuinely thoughtful way.

Nairobi end of year corporate gift giving has always had a typical aspect to it. Anyone who has worked in a large office has likely experienced the influx of calendars and diaries and pens and all manner of branded items from The Company’s suppliers. We have established that all these items have their place despite their generic nature – any manner of token that expresses appreciation and gratitude and that is put to daily use by employees goes a long way in making an impression. So feel free to create calendars, diaries, notepads, t-shirts, caps, pens, umbrellas, flash disks and mugs. Keeping your brand top-of-the mind is a brand awareness tool that still works.

This year, set yourself apart from the pack and keep yourself top of mind by giving your 2015 gift in 2016. Check out our four tips to keep you differentiated this season:

  1. Timing: Find out when your client will be coming back from their end year holiday whether January or February and have their gift waiting on their desk on the day they report.
  2. Stay subscribed: Different clients appreciate (or resent) different greetings, and these preferences can be hard to keep straight, but a three-month lunch subscription to the specific team you are working with is likely safe and it’ll serve as a reminder of you for the entire first quarter.
  3. Customize: If your company has a small number of clients, try to customize their gifts as much as possible. Pay attention to each client’s habits or get some information from the sales people who have dealt with them. Listen closely to cues they give in meetings and send something you’re sure they’ll like, or play it safe with standard corporate gifts that can be easily shared among a team.For instance, if a client orders wine during dinner meetings, wine is a safe choice. If you’ve met with the client over golf, then a small token from their favorite course could be more appropriate. These personalized gifts can make your clients feel like they’re special and really important to your business.

    If your business has too many clients for you to manage individual purchases, smaller more general items will do such as a picture frame or a desk clock or a personalized card.

  1. Gift your employees
    Employee appreciation in form of a small token like a restaurant gift card or a shopping voucher can make them feel appreciated.For employees, stick to the same type of gift or at least gifts of similar value; however, if you have one or two employees or colleagues who you work with more closely, like an assistant or partner, larger gifts are more appropriate.

    The most important aspect of giving employee gifts is to remember every single person including the day and night guard. Internal exchange of information will lead to people feeling under-appreciated or forgotten if you choose whom to gift.

  1. Gift your suppliers
    A gift basket for your service provider makes for a good selection since you can choose the style, size and the budget that fits each of their tastes. Keep in mind that a very expensive gift can backfire because it can make the recipient feel uncomfortably obligated and sometimes even get them into trouble at the office.