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Raptor rehab website

We developed a simple website for a small but hard working NGO in Nairobi that basically takes care of raptors that are not doing well. From our understanding raptor rehab kenya is pretty much a half way house for raptors.

We were very impressed with what Zoe was doing over there so we did a site for her. Please visit it and show your support!!!

Ni Sisi CSS and graphic design

We did graphic design and css for the new Ni Sisi website. In case you have’t heard of it, Ni Sisi is a grassroots social movement dedicated to inspiring Kenyans at every level to take charge of improving their own lives by promoting Heshima (dignity and respect for others), Diversity (inclusiveness and equality) and Self-Belief: Ni Sisi! – It is Us! And, Inuka believes It is Up to Us to transform Kenya into a country of which we can all be proud. Kenyan problems must be met with Kenyan solutions.

Now that you know who they are, head over to their website and have a look at what we did for them.

Kiligolf’s new site

So Kiligolf came back to us wanting another design for 2011. we have came up with a design and turned it into a website again. head over to Kiligolf.com to see what we did for the.

There are a few innovative features such as the java script animated menu, the rise up menu at the bottom of the page and the unique layout. We generally had a great time working n this website design project.

Having never been to TZ and working on this from Nairobi Kenya we think we did a great job :).

How to design an under construction page in three easy steps

There is always a stage or two when you have your domain name live but your site is not quite ready yet. Or when you have to update your website and need to put the current site down. Question is, what d you put up on the site at these times?

The answer is always different but arriving at it – we think anyway – always has a simple formula. It all begins with communications. I will say again that at Aksent, design doesn’t begin until we have talked with our clients, asked questions and had questions asked of us.

Step one: Talk
Sit down have a coffee with us and let us understand what you want to communicate and how. This varies from letting visitors know when the website will be up again to allowing them to contact you meanwhile. The communication options vary based your communication strategy and objectives.

In the case of the image above which at the moment you can visit at: www.alwayspresent.co.ke – the client wanted customers to know that they were building a website and to be able to contact them should they need to.

Step two: Ideas
This is arguably still part of the talking phase but it is more focused on the actual page look and feel, it is no longer what do we want out of the page but rather how do we want the page to look and behave. As a rule we suggest you keep it really simple.

In the case of the client above they wanted an artistic page that simply had their logo and easy contacts.

Step three: Build it
The building phase should only begin now. After your designer has understood what you want and can now mesh your objectives and ideas with his/her own creativity.

Et voila! It really is that simple, stick to the steps and you will be happy with your under construction page.

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