Graphic Design

Reef Fish Aggregations in the Western Indian Ocean

Cordio came to us with this book which is one of firsts – it is the first documentation of commercially important reef fishes that aggregate to spawn in the Western Indian Ocean.

The brief being to lay it out in an appealing manner. Being a highly technical book, we undertook to keep the layout as simple as possible but used large fonts and large charts to keep the eye and mind as focused as possible.

cordio-both-covers Cordio-charts Cordio-questionnaire-section

Enaai Website

We developed a parallax website for Enaai Lolldaiga, Nanyuki’s first 18-hole championship golf course and gated community.

The website was built with three key aims, the first was to showcase the plans of the developers and where they want to take the Enaai real estate development.

The second objective was to show visitors where the development has reached at any given point when they visit the website. The site has a twitter integration to Enaai’s twitter account and progress bars that can be added as and when needed to highlight progress of the development quickly showing visitors what they need to see when they are looking for updates on Enaai’s progress.

The third function of the site was to make the offering very clear to visitors, we achieved this by designing a custom master plan in javascript that allows visitors to get a bird’s eye view of the development and visualise their new home and maybe even where their friends will be living on the project’s completion.





AgMark Company Profile and Brochure

AKSENT designed a profile for AgMark that allowed AgMark to showcase its work throughout Africa in the agricultural space and also highlights to potential partners areas that they can partner with AgMark to further boost farmer incomes.

The profile was designed to communicate to the above audience as well as partners in the same space to expose opportunities for synergy as well as the farmers themselves so that they can quickly see what AgMark can do for them.

We worked with a consultant who was hired by AgMark to roll out its corporate brochure and website right here in Nairobi, Kenya.

See the corporate profile below.








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