Branding and advertising design is about more than just art

I was looking for batteries the other day at Nakumatt Crossroads in Nairobi and if I was to ask you right now where you think batteries should be placed in a supermarket what would you say?

I would say near the till. All my life batteries have always been near the till. So the when i saw that Eveready have monopolized these locations at Nakumatt Crossroads I thought – “Well done.”

You see, branding is not always about logos, umbrellas, T-shirts and stuff like that. I am not saying that branding is NOT about standing out, in fact I am saying the complete opposite. Only re-enforcing it with the theory that to stand out you don’t always have to be obvious about it.

The thing is, bold is expensive. 5,000 T-shirts at $2 each is $10,000. I wonder how much a Product Placement Arrangement with the whole Nakumatt chain would cost, maybe half that? Annually?

The result? Your products are put right in front of the consumer, right where they are about to spend money – doesn’t matter how many t-shirts you do, there is very little that is as effective as that is.