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The Laikipia region of Kenya stands out as one of only a few places without any formal Protected Area status where is has been possible, across vast expanses of private and communal land, to consolidate wildlife habitats and to preserve their bio diversity, while managing critical natural resources sustainably for the benefit of all.

Against this background, the publication of this guidebook – the first comprehensive account of the natural history of Laikipia – is a particularly welcome development.

The design and layout of this book was both an interesting (because of the freedom to be artsy) and rewarding experience.

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FONNAP Natural History Guide

The Friends of Nairobi National Park embarked on the production of a comprehensive natural history guide, covering all the Park’s major habitats and their flora, as well as the fauna while chronicling the history of the Park and shedding light on the pressures and the conservation challenges facing the Park.

They came to us to put this guide together in a manner that would capture the attention of both old and young.

Nairobi-National-Park NairobiNationalPark-Fauna-page Nairobi-National-Park-map-closeup NNP-birds-of-prey

Reef Fish Aggregations in the Western Indian Ocean

Cordio came to us with this book which is one of firsts – it is the first documentation of commercially important reef fishes that aggregate to spawn in the Western Indian Ocean.

The brief being to lay it out in an appealing manner. Being a highly technical book, we undertook to keep the layout as simple as possible but used large fonts and large charts to keep the eye and mind as focused as possible.

cordio-both-covers Cordio-charts Cordio-questionnaire-section

Enaai Roll-up Banners

Enaai Lolldaiga, Nanyuki’s first Championship golf course, approached us and asked us to develop some roll up banners that focused on the lifestyle buyers into Enaai will enjoy and also sell the houses.

We developed the following four banner designs that will be printed onto several roll up banners that will then be peppered around the location of any events Enaai have in Nairobi, Nanyuki or indeed anywhere in Kenya.


Africa Trade Corporation Corporate Profile

When Africa Trade Corporation (ATC) approached us to develop a brochure for them, we were very excited because we have not designed a brochure for a security products provider before.

This is always interesting for a design firm as it presents an opportunity to do design work without any  skews from previous experience – the design is inspired completely from and of itself.

Speaking of inspiration, we spent hours looking at ATC’s products, attempting to establish what made these products unique and how we could show potential buyers this.

One thing that became very apparent early on was that ATC deals in quality products only. There are no poor quality products stocked by them and everything sold by ATC comes with a guarantee.

That is unique in Kenya and perhaps in East Africa – a supplier who offers you a guarantee with products? We had not heard of it before.

With that unique selling point backed by solid, quality products, we had to develop a brochure that reflected as much.

So we embarked on designing a brochure that was not squeezed and allowed the products to stand out, in their environment and on their own. We backed these powerful images up with copy that described how the products have been used all over the world. The copy also briefly covered why the products were the best in their class.

Check out the result below:






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