Paramount Catering Case Study

The Nairobi catering scene exciting and is packed with suppliers, so when Paramount Caterers approached us about redoing the Logo Identity, we jumped at the chance.

Research First

Before we begun working on any design ideas and concepts for Paramount Caterers, we asked the client to collect everything she had ever produced for Paramount Caterers and give this to us for review. The resulting materials included, email templates, business cards, letters of introduction, mini profiles and many photos. we reviewed the material with a view to understanding what sort of language the client liked and had been using with her customers.

After reviewing the materials provided by the client we asked them to come to our office so that we could go over their five year plan. The objective of this is to understand where they wanted to be and what they hoped to have achieved in the coming five years. Understanding this would give us a clear image of who Paramount caterers would be speaking to in five years.

Understanding the above helped us form a vocabulary for Paramount Caterers to use. This vocabulary speaks directly to the target clientele that Paramount Caterers is seeking in the future. It speaks to them in a way they understand and they find attractive.

With the vocabulary down, it was now a lot easier to establish who Paramount Caterers competition was. With the help of the client we created a list of three competitors seeking similar objectives as Paramount so that we would not appear in any form to be another version of a competitor. This helped us remember how to direct the design process so that we could develop something original and unique, but, that definitely belonged among and maybe above its peers.

Design Process

Next we begun working with the client to establish what they wanted to see in the final product. What sort of imagery would they insist upon and what were they relaxed about. We worked the resulting information into a creative set of options, where some items were mandatory and other were ‘nice-to-haves’ and others were not really required.

With this information we then begun looking around globally to see what type of symbology is most common in the catering industry and why. We also tried to gauge how well this worked for the owners of the various symbols and who they were trying to speak to.

Once we had the above information, we then set about discussing symbology internally and generating versions of the symbols we liked and had settled on. We also looked into various fonts that we wanted to use and tried them out and settled on some for various reasons, such as how well they worked on busy backgrounds and how legible they would be on a speeding motorbike doing a delivery.

Once we settled on the symbols we were happy with and three fonts we thought would work, we developed the three logo identity ideas and presented these to Paramount Caterers. We went through some revisions with the client and eventually arrived on a logo identity for Paramount caterers.

Roll out

Paramount Caterers Stationary

Paramount Caterers Stationary

Paramount Caterers Stationary


The end product seemed like work that had been done by multi-national company overseas. My logo and stationery have been show stoppers at all my meetings. It’s only been a month since I got the cards, but, the amount of business we have generated so far because of my stationery, is unbelievable.

– Agatha Komen
Director, Paramount Caterers