Bamburi Cement Case Study

Bamburi Cement needed an design studio that was willing to operate closely with its internal communications department to develop beautiful and effective communication.

What Bamburi needed

Bamburi Cement contacted AKSENT and said they needed a design relationship that was akin to having a designer in-house at Bamburi Cement’s head quarters at Kenya Re Towers.

They needed turn-around times of less than an hour on some jobs and open communication to ensure speed was fast and there was minimal loss of meaning between decision makers and the actual designers working.

How we structured the unit that worked with Bamburi

Next we begun working with the client to establish what they wanted to see in the final product. What sort of imagery would they insist upon and what were they relaxed about. We worked the resulting information into a creative set of options, where some items were mandatory and other were ‘nice-to-haves’ and others were not really required.

With this information we then begun looking around globally to see what type of symbology is most common in the catering industry and why. We also tried to gauge how well this worked for the owners of the various symbols and who they were trying to speak to.

Once we had the above information, we then set about discussing symbology internally and generating versions of the symbols we liked and had settled on. We also looked into various fonts that we wanted to use and tried them out and settled on some for various reasons, such as how well they worked on busy backgrounds and how legible they would be on a speeding motorbike doing a delivery.

Once we settled on the symbols we were happy with and three fonts we thought would work, we developed the three logo identity ideas and presented these to Paramount Caterers. We went through some revisions with the client and eventually arrived on a logo identity for Paramount caterers.

Roll out

Due to the internal nature of the communication that we developed for Bamburi, we can show almost nothing, but, what follows are some communications we have been allowed to share on our website.


Our work included updating graphic elements that had become dated such as Bamburi Cement’s Mobile Payment Mascot above.


Bamburi took great pains to ensure hard working staff were recognised, developing methods of acknowledging their efforts. The above is a sample of banners in the staff parking lots.


Bamburi Cement is very keen on motivating its staff members to be healthy and fit. We are periodically refreshing posters and flyers with fitness activities that staff can take part in. Often activities set up by staff themselves.


We contacted AKSENT about the possibility of having them work for Bamburi Cement to design some of our external and our internal communications campaign materials. We have never looked back. We are happy with AKSENT and I can unreservedly recommend them..

– Mwikali Mutua
Communications Officer, Bamburi Cement Ltd