We are a boutique creative web and website design agency based in Nairobi, Kenya, with a range of clients of all sizes locally, nationally and internationally across many sectors.Our mission is to improve the quality of communication and branding in the region while we envision ourselves to be one of the few independent studios a client came come to for some unique and creative ideas. Aksent’s creative graphic and website design team is a small and dedicated one delivering a complete suite of design services and expertise combined with attentive personal service.

Aksent was born from Job Ballard Design, a small creative graphic and website design business that after steady growth needed to become a company in order to properly address the design needs of its growing client base.

In principal then, AKSENT has experience in all manner of two dimensional design needs, ranging from flyers, brochures and books to banners, billboards and the occasional radio ad. One of our greatest strengths though is our ability to communicate with you.

How often have you found that great misunderstandings would have been solved much earlier on when the issue was much smaller simply if someone understood what you wanted? Well we pride ourselves in making that one of our key aims; understanding you and your needs, so please go ahead and contact us to begin today.


AKSENT has been involved in many aspects of print, web, marketing, and interaction design. AKSENT aims to solve problems.

We offer straight-forward visual design and a unique creative process to large and small corporations, businesses, and organisations.

Services are mostly offered on an implementation basis but we are happy to work as consultants. AKSENT is able to work independently on multiple fronts, or it can collaborate with your existing preferred suppliers to produce whatever results you are looking for.

We aim to deliver services that allow you to focus your energies on your core business. In other words we do all the running around for you.

Feel free to contact AKSENT about any design services including:
• Advertising
• Banner design and production
• Consulting (graphic design)
• CD sleeve design
• Comic strip / book design and production
• HTML catalogs
• Keychains, t-shirts, hats/caps, gift bags
• Logo designs
• Magazine design
• Overseeing printing
• Posters
• Product brochure design
• Promotional items
• Point of purchase displays
• Promotional posters
• Stickers (car bumper stickers)
• Trade product catalogs
• Trade show graphics
• Wheel covers (for 4×4 cars)