5 signs you need to refresh you logo

Your logo is very important, but, if you have had it for a while it might be time to refresh it. How do you know when it is time? Here are five quick pointers:

  1. You no longer do what you did when you designed your logo

This is of note because many logos are used as euphemisms for what the company does. It stands to reason then that if you logo says steel mill and now you do diamond mining, you should change the logo.


  1. The visuals style is now out of date

Customers have an obsession with fresh – cars change every two years, clothes every year, electronics also have a cycle. These changes always trickle down to everything and before you know it, your logo is looking very 2008 when we are in 2015.


  1. Budget is finally here

Many organizations begin their company with the idea that one day they will have enough money to do a proper logo.

If you finally have the budget don’t delay, do your logo today.


  1. Acquisition

When you have been acquired or have acquired a company, it is a good idea to redo the logo to show the relationship and to show the new strength that now comes from the new operational synergies.


  1. Growth into new areas and territories

A logo that is seen only by one demographic set is fine. When there is a new demographic set (such as your company branching our of Uganda into Kenya and Tanzania) the logo may not be appropriate.

Some reasons for this are colors maybe favor one market and alienate another. The logo may make reference to a joke, event or style only one market segment gets.

A new logo for growth is a good idea as it allows you to:

  1. Recognize your growth
  2. Create a logo that works for all your segments

Want your logo refreshed, talk to us about it today.